The installation is very clean and simple

I found your product online, researched it and approached Marlow to install it on my 66′ that was being built. I am happy to to say that I have my first Marlow with a CLEARLINE installed and the installation is very clean and simple and though the boat has only been in the water now for about 2 and a half months, water flow is undiminished therefore no sign of any buildup or need for descaling. In the environment the boat is currently in, I suspect CLEARLINE will pay for itself in just a couple of years. Preventing barnacle growth in the A/C system wasn’t possible until now, but now that it is, I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t install a CLEARLINE since the payback is real and the hassles and caustic acid treatments are eliminated. I should also mention they are also quick to respond to any questions.

Joe Kirby
66′ Marlow, Owner

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