FCI Watermakers

Pioneering Standards for Marine Reverse Osmosis

In the early 80’ FCI Watermakers founder and CEO began designing and manufacturing watermakers for the pleasure yacht industry. The straightforward designs quickly gained acceptance in the yachting world as being a high-quality  desalination product that was dependable. FCI Watermakers has continually changed and grown with time. New products were developed, and innovations were made to accommodate the demands of the industrial, oil, and gas sectors. As a result, FCI Watermakers has expanded its capabilities to include designs up to 1000 m3 or 264,000 gpd. Leading these innovations is FCI’ V4 HMI/PLC control system featuring complete automation and true one touch operation.

Pioneering system designs for more than 3 decades, FCI Watermakers can be found throughout the world on everything from small pleasure crafts to mega yachts, from large commercial vessels to oil rigs and military ships, and on to onshore facilities, such as resorts and hotels. With a complete line of reverse osmosis watermakers, FCI can fulfill any freshwater need. FCI’ water making technology is also customizable according to specified requirements and essential parameters. This exclusive technology and advanced manufacturing define their reputation for being the industry’ true innovator of tomorrow’ marine and commercial desalination.

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