I have been so pleased with the ElectroSea

My name is Captain Sean Rominger and I run the 62′ Viking, ‘Her Tingum’. I have been running the boat since new, almost 3 years now. I have always had problems with growth in the raw water system on the boat until I installed the CLEARLINE, in the summer months I couldn’t go longer than 5 days without cleaning my strainers due to the growth. I would have to have the system descaled every 3 months and a total dispense of the manifold system twice a year. I have to get the bottom cleaned every 2-3 weeks due to high growth rate at the marina I keep the boat at. I had the CLEARLINE system since early December and had the boat at the marina for the months of January thru early March. I was checking the system every week for growth and have been pleasantly surprised to find the CLEARLINE system has suppressed and growth.

Capt. Sean Rominger
62′ Viking Yachts, Her Tingum

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