Stabilisation system
Humphree – Stabilisation system

Humphree stabilising fins brings state of the art technology with fast acting brushless electric servo units. Powered by 24 V DC it gives you possibility to have full comfort without the need of genset running. The new Humphree fin design has its upper edge made solid, another unique Humphree innovation.

Humphree’s patented design of the Interceptor is a compact and robust unit that has an adjustable blade that goes down vertically into the water. Due to that it doesn’t work against the water pressure that it builds up under the hull, it can be adjusted very fast and with high precision. Its compact design also makes it less vulnerable to impacts.

The main parts of the Humphree Interceptor is constructed in composite material which means that it is maintenance free for changing zinc anodes, as the material is not affected by salt water. However we recommend to check the system on yearly basis to keep it in trim and to discover any possible damage to the system.

If there is any damage to the Interceptor, Humphree can supply any individual parts that you might require for service. Please find more information about service in our operators manual, which can be found under Humphree downloads.

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